Lynette Ray

Dear Andries, Thank you for the excellent and thorough job your team did in waterproofing and painting the exterior of our home. It is looking beautiful. We were impressed with the level of respect and cooperation from everyone in the team – they went above and beyond to ensure we were happy with the results. We also appreciated them cleaning up each day, to minimise disruption. We will certainly recommend Paintfellas to our family, friends and neighbours.

Wesley Black - Area Sales Manager - Hilti South Africa (Pty) Ltd

I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for the amazing work done at my property. Your team are exceptional, starting with Justin. Justin is great with his communication and always delivers on what he says. You have a real asset there. @Justin ford – Thank you for all your efforts. Then your team onsite, starting with Needo. Needo definitely has team leader ability. The guys look up to him and listen to what he tells them. He also makes sure production is at its maximum. He is great with clients too. Then onto Nando’s, Boa and Filipe – all fantastic gentlemen and it was great interacting with them. All friendly, kind and hard working. Your staff are amazing and its testament to the culture you have built at Paintfellas. Keep it up and I know your business will continue to grow from strength to strength. I look forward to having the team back to paint the inside of the house when I am ready.

Simmie & Susan Sobel

Three weeks have now gone by and your team have finally finished painting our home today. I must say it looks amazing. It has been an absolute pleasure working with your entire team and my wife cannot stop praising everyone who worked on our home. I have to say when you work with professionals, it sure shows, and our newly painted home is proof of that. Colin, who was here every day to check on the progress was an absolute pleasure to work and always ensured everything ran like clockwork. He never got tired of my wife always bending his ear. Tendai your supervisor also needs to be singled out and as my wife says an absolute perfect gentleman, and who managed his team very well. He is an outstanding and meticulous worker himself. He sure deserves the position of Supervisor that he holds. The other guys on our project were extremely polite and accomplished as well. In summary, Andries, your Team did your company proud and we are more than happy with what was promised was delivered. Nothing was too much trouble and when we found something needed to be touched up, it was always rectified with a smile to our satisfaction. Thank you, once again, and it was an absolute pleasure working with Paintfellas. Our home now looks like new again.


Your team is a refreshing change from the usual service providers who I have engaged with. They were professional, punctual, and very meticulous in their work. They went the extra mile, and treated our home like their own. A job well-done, and welcome to use me as a reference for any future home owners who approach you for a quote. Regards,Tanith

Jana - Livanos Group

From the outset, I would like to thank you and your team very much for the service you have given us. Your entire team and especially PG, Tendai & Anderson have been fantastic. They were extremely professional & friendly, helpful and willing to go the extra mile… The workmanship itself has also been top notch. Thank you very much for this, Peter and I are very grateful.

Jennifer Smit - Director Werksmans Attorneys

Thanks very much Manda.We are very happy with the job – we are very impressed with the quality of the workmanship and the end result is fantastic.

Mrs. Loné Lourens - Marketing and Fundraising Coordinator Woodside Sanctuary

On behalf of Woodside Sanctuary and especially our residents we would like to take this opportunity to offer our most heartfelt thanks to you for your incredibly generous donation paintdelivered to Woodside Sanctuary by Petra Lewis on the 12th of October 2019. Words cannot express how much this act of incredible generosity is appreciated by everyone at Woodside. There are always areas around Woodside that could use a little more paint andthey can now be touched up and even redone thanks to your wonderful donation. From the Management Committee, Staff and the families of those in our care, we thank you.Without the kindhearted assistance of donors such as you, we could simply not do what we do. Thank you once again for your kindness!

Vicki Trehaeven (on behalf of The Cliffs Body Corporate)

On behalf of The Cliffs Body Corporate I would like to place on record our extreme delight at the almost unbelievable transformation that has taken place at our complex. From chic - but shabby, your team has morphed The Cliffs into a modern day beauty that has brought renewed pride for its residents and employees, and unquestionably increased the market value of each unit. The complex architecture compounded by the challenging terrain meant this undertaking was never going to be for sissies — and is probably the primary reason that the 'refresh' was well overdue. Your team, led so ably by Drikus, Charles and Solly and with PG's oversight has us asking ourselves 'why did we wait so long'? Their presence was unobtrusive but always diligent. Communication in an undertaking of this nature is very important and I would like to highlight the exceptional efforts of both Drikus and Solly to keep me informed of progress/snags on a daily basis. This, in turn, made it so much easier for me to 'manage' the residents' expectations. Drikus, in particular, went above and beyond in terms of managing/resolving the left field' niggles that are bound to arise on a contract like this. Overall, a job exceptionally well done - we would have no hesitation in recommending Paintfellas.

Maria De Gouveia - Secretary to J Webber - Real Estate

Thank you for your professional and excellent services. You will be recommended

Estelle Martinson - Chairperson Rosewalk Manor

I’ve been involved as a trustee and chairperson of the Body Corporate of Rosewalk Manor for the past 5 years, managing a 40 unit property (value R50 million) and an annual budget of R1 million. We have done a number of large structural projects such as a drainage project, updating the roof structure, re-painting the complex, waterproofing a number of areas, re-tiling the complex and smaller maintenance and upgrade projects with regards to security installing a video system and new intercom system, plumbing work etc. Suffice to say that I’ve dealt with a number of contractors over the past five years and I have absolutely no hesitation in wholeheartedly recommending Paintfellas for any job they quote on. Our experience with Paintfellas over the course of the past two years and a number of projects has only been positive – they are professional, deliver quality and on time. They work so neatly that residents are hardly impacted and they are able to offer attractive warranties because of the quality of work they do. Their communication and project management around the work they do is a pleasure and on all counts they stand head and shoulders above the average company – they are without any doubt a preferred supplier for any future work we might consider. I cannot recommend them highly enough and would be quite happy to discuss the work that they’ve done at our complex with any interested party.

Chris McLaughlin - Chairperson & Maintenance Trustee 57 Villa Royale

After five long months, the Painting Project at Villa Royale is now complete and we are looking absolutely gorgeous! You have an excellent team of workers who you must be very proud of. Jaun and Trevor specifically. Jaun never missed an appointment with me, and was always on time. He has the perfect demeanor to deal with troublesome customers (I hope I wasn’t too bad). He was always courteous, smiling, helpful and very obliging. I deferred to his judgment on some occasions and his advice always turned out to be correct. Trevor is a gentleman of the first order and just so good at his job. He gets on with things in a steady manner, never shouting at his staff but is supportive of them and is very encouraging. I have had no reports of problems with the rest of the team – in fact, everyone has only passed on compliments about how hard they work – they are definitely a dedicated team. Villa Royale was a very difficult contract to complete, due in the main to the poor quality of the walls when originally built and must have been a nightmare for the team to address. As Chairperson and Trustee: Maintenance, I was nominated to lead the Villa Royale Painting Project and I found it to be very rewarding and a mostly stress-free experience only because your team were so calm and professional. This is the second time that Painfellas has painted our complex and because of past experience, I encouraged the trustees to use you again – Paintfellas didn’t let me down. The professionalism of your company is unsurpassed in the industry, I’m sure. I will continue to recommend Painfellas and you can use me as a reference anytime.

Henry Wright - Highbury Trustee

Paintfellas have undertaken a multimillion paint and waterproofing project at Highbury, 15 Anslow Crescent, Bryanston. The Project commenced on schedule in April 2015. Weather permitting, the project will be completed on time end of April 2016. We have had weekly quality control inspections by a qualified Engineer. We also have monthly inspections by the product suppliers. This is to ensure that all parties are satisfied with the workmanship and our guarantees are met. To date all the specifications set by the engineer and the product suppliers have been met. No questions have been raised regarding the Paintfellas workmanship. During the project we have found Paintfellas to be professional in their approach and have accommodated all the unit owners. We have found that they have treated the property with respect and as such have minimised the damage to plants and owners property. The workman have been courteous and are always well presented. We would have no hesitation to recommend Paintfellas for any similar project. If necessary we would not hesitate to use them again.

Adv. Vera Kriel - Sandhurst Gardens

Paintfellas have undertaken a multimillion paint and waterproofing project at Sandhurst Garden Body Corporate, consisting of 4 blocks and 129 units, for the period April 2017 to April 2018. The project commenced and completed on time despite extended periods of rain as well as close down of premises for contractors for period 15 December to 15 January. This is especially important as it showed that their planning and re-planning skills are of high quality. The project management was done professionally as can be seen from:• Weekly quality control inspections with all parties involved.• Monthly inspections by the product suppliers• Regular reports to the estate manger and trusteesThis ensured that all parties are satisfied with the workmanship and our guarantees are met. To date all the specifications set by the quality controllers and the product suppliers have been met. No questions have been raised regarding the Paintfellas workmanship. During the project we have found Paintfellas to be professional in their approach and have accommodated all the unit owners. We have found that they have treated the property with respect and as such had minimal damage to property. The workmen have been courteous and are always well presented. There were not a single issue raised with their conduct. The contracts manger (PG Bester) has always tried to accommodate a fairly difficult clientele. We would have no hesitation to recommend Paintfellas for any similar project. If necessary we would not hesitate to use them again.

Paula Nogueira - Trustee – Vista Del Monte

Paintfellas undertook a damp proof and painting project at Vista Del Monte – a 42 unit complex in Johannesburg. Before taking on the project, Paintfellas was on site to assess, advise and quote, regarding what needed doing and how they would be managing the work. The project commenced in June and was completed December 2015. Working with the Paintfellas team was a pleasure. They were proficient and neat in their workings at all times. The dedicated team was supervised and led by a team lead on a daily basis. Having the site / project manager on site periodically, following up ensured good progress and professional service too. Any issues and snags were addressed timeously and professionally. I can confidently recommend PaintFellas as a solid, reliable supplier, and experts in their field. I look forward to working with the team again.

Renier van Satden - Curasure

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Paintfellas for the successful project, and assistance during the numerous challenges encountered.  

Raphael Arnold - Group CEO NetRefer

Please pass on my sincere thanks to the team who did an amazing and professional job and I would highly recommend Paintfellas to anyone looking for painting to be done. Juan managed it very well and Needo was an excellent Foreman.